Nicole Davis

Transformative Visionary

Nicole is a designer who transforms spaces by thinking outside of the box with colors and textures. With an AA in Applied Sciences in Interior Design, Nicole uses her talent and training to create vivid, colorful, and stunning homes for her clients.Nicole’s aesthetic design style would be considered eclectic. She is best known for mixing and matching modern botanical prints with textures; she has a gift for combining varieties of colors, prints, and textures to make homes look magnificent. She has the ability to use her “ying”– vivid accessories, lighting, and furniture – to balance her clients “yang”– their styles and comfort level. Each project illustrates her client’s own interests and lifestyle. Nicole is able to conform to each of her client’s needs and wants, and she understands how to make designing pleasurable. Nicole is also adept in finding creative ways to help budget-conscious clients design their dream space.

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“With lighting and artwork, bigger is always better. “ “Play with colors. Do not be afraid to combine colors.” “Be sure to find one inspiration piece for a project and then design around that.” “If you are going to splurge on anything, it needs to be custom draperies. When you have the right fabric and correct fitting draperies, the room looks extravagant.”