Dana McQueen


How challenging is it in a beautifully designed home like this to find pieces that complement the design so perfectly without overpowering or taking anything away from the architecture? The design is refined, Contemporary and the pieces selected for the house are as true to form as they are to function. We wanted them to be unique and timeless reflecting a sense of luxury that only improves with time. I would like to think that the pieces selected best describe this Family… Streamline, Tailored with a pop of the unexpected. Knowing their love for the water and tranquility I suggested objects and textures that would bring those wonderful characteristics that they so enjoyed outside back into their home. We stayed with a basic water palate of blues and aqua accented with lime. This allowed the pieces that we selected to stand out and not be over powered by intense color.


We wanted the overall feel to be timeless, inviting and relaxing. We wanted our attention to detail to shine and not be overpowered by clutter.  Everything here just melds together perfectly.


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